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JSP Page

Inventory System

The Inventory Management System is an application targeted at customers who requires a simple inventory management or stock control system, the prime factor of the system focuses on ease of use and simplicity.

The product is equipped with modules, which helps its users to manage stocks at their warehouses, keep track of their inventory, monitor and regulate stock movement. Transactions to receive and move stock are modeled in a way that creating purchase orders, tracking inbound stocks, transferring stocks or sending them to your customers becomes a child's play.

No more worrying about tracking your inventories when you are raising POs or creating receipts. With efficient and comprehensive reports Inventory Management System will provide you with a new perspective to handling your stocks.

Managing Stock/Inventories in a flash:

Extensive Inventory handling systems provide you with features, which you would seldom use, but with our IMS you just have the essentials that matters. Maintaining your customers, managing your products and the respective inventories are handled effectively with our integrated modules.

You are provided with the information of the stock and its control across your warehouses, with the linked information, no more embarrassing situations when you provide invoice to your customers. Transferring stocks and tracking adjustments can be initiated with the application that provides clear management of your inventories.

Most of all it is very simple and easy to use, with that you can use it in multiple locations, and you won't need any training to use it either.

Suitable for any Business:

IMS is a one size fits all package. We didn't complicate the package just for your convenience, it doesn't matter who you are, with IMS you can always perform professional stock control and management without the need to buy expensive and complicated software full of features you won't need. IMS being a cloud-based solution, you can access it anywhere across the world.